Recipients can be added while you are creating a campaign or they can also be added to dynamically after a campaign has been created.

Just click on Recipients inside 'Edit' campaign view.

You can either select recipients from your list of candidates on Recruiterflow or you can add a contact using their email id. Click on 'Add recipients' after writing the candidate detail.

Once you add a recipient, Recruiterflow retrieves the information for the custom fields (if available) from the system and auto-fills it.

It asks you to provide the value of a custom field in case it's not retrieved by the system.

Add the value of the custom field for each candidate and click on 'Save Campaign'.

The candidate is added to the campaign and the first touchpoint is sent as per the campaign rule.

Note: If you add recipients from email, they are added to the campaign but they aren't saved as a candidate in the system.

Changing custom field details in Campaign view doesn't change it in the candidate profile.

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