With the latest release, you might face some issues with our Chrome Extension if you are an existing user. 

The new version of extension requires additional permission, hence, it might get disabled on your browser. 

To enable the extension again, just follow the following steps:

  1. Go to chrome://extensions/

  2. In the Recruiterflow Chrome Extension block,  enable the extension by click on the Toggle button. 

3. Once enabled, in the Recruiterflow Chrome Extension block, click on Details. 

4. In the detailed option, toggle the button to Allow access to file URLs

5. If you don't see the extension on your Chrome toolbar, then just click on the puzzle piece icon at the top-right corner on Chrome and pin the Recruiterflow extension from the list.

Now you can open the extension on any website including LinkedIn.

Sourcing candidates from LinkedIn to Recruiterflow just takes a couple of clicks. 

  1. Open the LinkedIn profile, you want to export.

  2. Open Recruiterflow Chrome extension

  3. Allow Chrome extension to manage files in case you have opened it for the first time. It helps us parse the LinkedIn resume of the candidate automatically.

  4. Download the profile to your computer using Save to PDF option on LinkedIn

Recruiterflow Chrome extension will automatically upload the downloaded pdf and parse it to upload the information on the extension within seconds. 

Just click on Add Candidate to add them to Recruiterflow. 

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