Click on 'Campaigns' on the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

Click on the '+New Campaign' icon.

Write the name of your new campaign and choose the campaign type, then click on 'Create Campaign'.

Your campaign has been created. Now to add steps, head over to the 'Steps' tab and click on 'Add step'

The email window opens up. Compose your email or select from existing templates. You should also insert custom fields to make the email more personal. Define the date and time for which you want to send the first email.

You can also send yourself a test email by clicking on 'Test email' and choosing a random or test candidate profile under 'Personalized with'. The system will populate the fields from the profile you choose, and send a test e-mail to you.

The first email in the campaign will be sent on that particular date and time. If the date of the first email has passed and a new candidate is added to the campaign, the campaign is sent at the specified time, whenever it happens next.

Suppose you scheduled the first email for 24th August, 3:00 PM.

If a candidate is added on 27th August, 6:00 PM, then the email is sent on 28th August, 3:00 PM.

If a candidate is added on 27th August, 12:00 PM, then the email is sent on 27th August, 3:00 PM.

Once you are done with your first step and want to add another step, click on 'Add Step'

Write the email or choose from templates.

Define after how many days after the first step you want to send the next step.

Define the time at which you want the step to be sent.

Choose if you want to count weekends in this duration or not.

Choose if you want to send this step as a reply to the previous step or do you want to send it as a separate email.

You can then add other steps (if you want to) and then click 'Save Campaign' once done.

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