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Customise your account

Add email templates, tags, disqualification reasons and much more.

Creating, Promoting, Closing and Reopening a Job

Creating a new job on Recruiterflow.

Adding and Sourcing Candidates

There are multiple ways to add candidates on Recruiterflow

Sourcing using Campaigns

Add candidates to drip email campaigns, with automated follow-ups.

Supercharge your sourcing using Chrome Extension

Now sourcing awesome candidate is just a few clicks away!

Bulk actions

Candidate Inbox keeps you updated on upcoming tasks and important updates.

Dashboard and Widgets

Candidate Profile

Get to know your candidates better and take actions

Recruiterflow App

Billing and Payments

Recruitment Automation

Automate your repetitive tasks

Email and Calendar Invites

Managing your recruiting agency

Recruiterflow's recruiting agency module helps you track candidates and your relationship with your clients.

Collaborating with your team members

Solving Issues