There are times when you want to add candidates in bulk. Recruiterflow allows you to add candidates in bulk through two methods.

Bulk upload from an existing sheet (xlsx only)

1. Go to to bulk upload an excel sheet of candidates. 

2. Upload the xlsx file. 

3. Confirm if the data has been uploaded correctly. This screen shows you the headers and corresponding value from one of the records from the sheet. If this sheet looks correct, you proceed to mapping by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen. 


4. Map the headers of your sheet to the corresponding fields on Recruiterflow. You can map both the system fields and custom fields. 

5. Once the mapping is complete, proceed to the next optional step where you can add these candidates to a job or add a tag to them. 

Click on Start Bulk Upload and bulk upload of candidates will start. 



Uploading multiple resumes

You can also upload multiple resumes while going to the Add Candidate page. 

To upload multiple resumes just attach them to an email and send it to the maildrop address of the job.Note: Each resume should be as a different attachment and not zipped in a folder.  


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