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Add Team Members on Recruiterflow
Add Team Members on Recruiterflow
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Recruiterflow believes that hiring is a team sport. And what's a sport without adding your team members?

You can add your team members on Recruiterflow by going to setting and clicking on Users. We have Google authentication so your team members need not remember any username or password. They can just sign in using the id whom you have given access to.

To have a structure in the team, we have three roles at Job Level: Admin, Recruiter, Employee and External Recruiter.

Admins on Recruiterflow are super users. They can see everything (emails, notes, profile changes, stage movements, compensation etc) and can take every action (adding a job, editing a job, changing candidate stage etc). Admins can also add other users and change roles of employee and recruiter.

Recruiters are also power users. They can see all the candidates, create jobs, see stage movements, see compensation, edit a job and they can move candidates across different stages even if they have not been added as Recruiter while adding a Job. However, they can only see their own communications with candidates and contacts.

Employees can refer candidates and see their current status. However, if an employee is made Recruiter, Hiring Manager or Employee for a particular job then Job Level permissions apply. Job level permissions are discussed in detail in Adding a Job section.
External recruiter can add the candidates to a job and see the status of candidates they have added.

Once you add their First Name, Last Name, Email and Role, just hit Save User and they are added!

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