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How to leave notes on Recruiterflow?
How to leave notes on Recruiterflow?

Use notes to collaborate better on Recruiterflow

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At Recruiterflow we believe hiring is a team sport! Notes allow you to achieve that! Here are some possible use cases for using notes -

  • Write and save details about the candidates otherwise not present in profile for your team to know.

  • Ask feedback from your team members by just tagging them. Whenever you tag someone they receive an email with the message.

  • Log data and details about calls to keep the communication history updated.

  • Start a private note to discuss compensation and other sensitive details.

Starting a note is easy. Just go to a candidate profile from the prospects page and head over to the 'Notes' tab right next to candidate details. Use '@' to mention someone in notes.

Click on the 'Notes' tab at the bottom to view all notes. Notes can be shared with your entire hiring team or can be made private and will be visible to admins and people tagged in the conversation.

Go ahead and start creating notes today!

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