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Viewing and Submitting Candidate Scorecard
Viewing and Submitting Candidate Scorecard

This article guides you through the steps on how to view and submit candidate scorecards.

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Viewing Scorecards

You can view a candidates' scorecard by going to Scorecards section of candidate profile.

Just click on View Scorecard (if the scorecard has been submitted).

If a candidate is present in multiple jobs, then you can select the desired job - from the job drop-down in the Scorecards section.

The selected scorecard then opens in a new tab.

Note : Scorecards cannot be changed once submitted.

Submitting Scorecards

Scorecards for any interview can be submitted by the interviewer by going to Scorecards section of Candidate Profile and clicking on 'Submit Scorecard' of the corresponding interview.

The empty scorecard opens up in a new tab, where you can add interview notes, rate candidate on skills, add notes corresponding to each skill, and rate the candidate - based on your decision.

It comes in real handy when you are interviewing the candidate and want to see the profile and take down notes at the same time.

Only your decision is required and rest other fields are optional.

Once you are done with the scorecard, just hit Submit Scorecard and it gets submitted.

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