Posting a Job to LinkedIn from Recruiterflow
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Recruiterflow is a limited listing partner of Linkedin, which allows us to post your jobs to LinkedIn for free.
Your jobs will have organic visibility and will be displayed under your LinkedIn Company Page. 

Integrating LinkedIn with Recruiterflow

Before you push your job to LinkedIn, you need to add some details to Recruiterflow, which will help us push your job to your company page. 

Go to Settings and then to General Setting and enter your LinkedIn company id (digits only). 

To get your LinkedIn company ID, you need to open your company LinkedIn page and pull the digits after from your company LinkedIn profile URL. 

In case there are no digits and instead, a string of text after "company/" check out this help article to get your LinkedIn company ID

Posting your job to LinkedIn

After creating a job, click on Edit Job

Go to the Promote section in the Edit Job view.

Click on Edit

Provide the necessary fields required for posting the job to LinkedIn

In Industry, enter all the relevant fields from the dropdown list in which your company operated.
In Function, enter all the relevant fields from the dropdown list in which the job belongs.
Choose the relevant Job Type.
Enter all the relevant skills in the Skills section. The more the relevant skills, the higher is the organic visibility.
Choose Experience level and Expiration Date. 

Hit Save once done.

Check the LinkedIn icon

Next, make sure under the settings the job status is set "External". External jobs will be visible on your careers page and can be published on various job boards.

Your job will be posted on LinkedIn within 24-48 hours and applicants will come directly to Recruiterflow.

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