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How to set up your careers page with Recruiterflow?
How to set up your careers page with Recruiterflow?

Setup and design your careers page without a single line of code.

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Recruiterflow helps you setup your careers page without a single line of code. 

To get started, head over to the careers page section in the settings. You can go straight there by clicking here

Once you are in the careers page section, you can follow this step by step process to design a beautiful career page. 

To get an idea about what careers page would look like, you can check out the careers page of our customers.
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Step 1: Create a URL and select your brand color

Your careers page by default is hosted on the URL:"company_name"/jobs. You can change the company name part of the URL and keep it according to the brand you want to portray. 

The brand color only takes a hex code. This is the color given to all the apply and navigational buttons on your careers page. If you are having trouble choosing a color - head on over to HTMLcolorpicker and copy the hex code of the color you like and paste it in Recruiterflow. 

Step 2: Design your careers page

Click on the link that says "this page" under the design careers page section.
This will take you to your dummy careers page. In most cases, based on your domain Recruiterflow will pull out your logo and a brief about us. If we couldn't find your logo, you will see a text called upload your logo. 

Step 3: Upload images

You will need three images to be uploaded on Recruiterflow. The first is your logo. 

Click on "upload your logo" text and select the logo file to be uploaded. We support .png, .jpg and .svg type of logo files. 

Next, you will need to upload the hero/header image for your careers page. As a default, we keep a black background image as a placeholder. To change the header image, click on "Upload new image" in the header section. 

Ideal image resolution: 1440X600 px (preferably with a dark background and keep top of the image empty)

The size of the image should be less than 400kb. It makes sure that the page is loaded much faster.


Third and the final image comes below the header image as a side image. This image will be shown on the side of the text. Most of our customers use this space to showcase their office space or embed a youtube video. 

You can choose whether you want to upload an image or embed a youtube video.


Step 4: Write the text

You can straight off start typing up the text you want to showcase on each section on the careers page. Once you hit the save button all the text and images will be saved. 

You can also check out this tutorial video to set up your DIY careers page.

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