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How to add contacts and companies to Recruiterflow?
How to add contacts and companies to Recruiterflow?

Adding contacts and companies helps you track clients and collaborate with client side team to recruiter better.

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Adding contacts and companies in Recruiterflow and assigning jobs to them can help you 

  1. Keep track of each job and which client is the job is for

  2. Collaborate with the hiring manager/recruitment team on the client side to eliminate all the back and forth emails of submitting candidates

  3. View and evaluate pipeline separately for each client

To add contacts in recruiterflow, click on tiny user-plus icon in the top bar and choose add contact in the dropdown. 

Fill in all the details on the add contact page. Don't forget to mention the company name here. This will automatically create a new company in Recruiterflow and other contacts added to this company will be automatically mapped. 

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