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How to refer a candidate for a job?
How to refer a candidate for a job?
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Employees can refer a candidate to a job if the job is open for referral. 

To refer a candidate, just login to your Recruiterflow account and click on Referrals on top. 

The Referrals window shows you list of all candidates you have referred and their current status in the job pipeline. 

To refer a new candidate click on '+New Referral'

In the refer candidate form, fill in the all the relevant details. In case you want your recruiting team to know something, just mention them in 'Any other details' box and hit 'Submit Referral'.

Candidate gets referred and everyone in the recruiting team receives an email about the referral. 

NOTE: Only jobs open for referrals will be visible in your Jobs section in Referral form. This is controlled by your recruiting team. 

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