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Creating and assigning tasks
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You can create and assign tasks to your team members or yourself using Recruiterflow. 

To create a task on a candidate/contact, go to the candidate/contact profile and click on the 'Tasks' button on the profile. 

In the Task creation screen, enter the following fields:

  • Name of the Task (Mandatory)

  • Description of the Task (optional)
    Explain the task in detail

  • Assign the task to yourself or any of your team members

  • Choose the type of Task whether it is Call or Email or To do (mandatory)

  • Choose a Due Date for the task (mandatory)

  • You can also choose to create an email reminder about the task. Recruiterflow reminds you about the task at the time you specify. 

You can also create tasks related to Jobs, Campaigns or anything on Tasks Page. 

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