Recruiterflow is built on top of Office365 and GSuite APIs. In order to send/receive emails and send calendar invites, you need to enable permissions in Settings (

In case we don't have permission from you to send/receive emails and send calendar invites, you will see 'Connect now' button in the permissions tab. Just click on 'Connect now'. 

A pop-up generally opens where you need to give permission. However, in case of some browsers, the pop-up is blocked by the browser and can be seen on the Address Bar.

Click on the pop-up icon in the browser, a dialogue box will open. 

Select the option Always allow pop-ups and redirects from and click Done. 

The pop-up asking you to give permission will open up automatically within a few seconds, if it doesn't click on Enable Now next to the permission name again. 

The pop-up will open asking you for relevant permission. Select the account from which you want to give the permission. 

Click on Allow in the next screen, and now we have that relevant permission. 

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