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Recruiterflow Start Guide
Recruiterflow Start Guide
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Recruiterflow User Onboarding Checklist helps you get started with Recruiterflow in 10 minutes. Just follow these 8 steps to kickstart Recruiterflow at your company.

  1. Enable email syncs and calendar syncs so that you can send emails and calendar invites via Recruiterflow

    Link to enable permissions:  Permission section

  2. Add your email signature to append it to all the emails sent via Recruiterflow

    Link to add email signature: Profile settings on Recruiterflow

  3. Download Robin (chrome extension) for one-click sourcing on LinkedIn, Angel List, GitHub, Gmail & Xing.

    Link to download chrome extension: Chrome web store page of Recruiterflow
    Robin help documentation: How to use chrome extension

  4. Create jobs that you are working on by clicking on +New Job button on the jobs page. Setup application form, interview plan and scorecards.

    Link to jobs page on Recruiterflow: Jobs page

    Job setup related help documentation: Setting up job, setup application form and stages.

  5. Setting up job posting using Recruiterflow (Admin only)

    Link to general settings on Recruiterflow: General Settings

  6. Posting jobs using Recruiterflow once posting settings have been done. You can post jobs for free on LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter(US, UK and Canada only), Indeed, Glassdoor and Simplyhired.

    Head on over to promote section on job edit page

    Help documentation to post jobs on different portals: Posting jobs using Recruiterflow

  7. Add candidates to your jobs straight from LinkedIn, Angel List, GitHub, Gmail and Xing using Robin (chrome extension)

    Help documentation for Robin: Sourcing using Chrome extension

  8. Setup your email templates to save your hours every day not writing same emails

    Link to email template settings: Setup email templates

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