Saving a search in Recruiterflow is easy. To save a search head over to advanced search page. Build your search query and hit save search. Each saved search generates a unique link. Here are a few features of the saved search. 


  1. Every saved search is a dynamic search. That means, if you add more candidates/contacts that satisfy the search parameters, they will appear in the search. Similarly, if you edit the details of a profile, they might get off the saved search. 

  2. Each saved search has a unique link attached to it. 

  3. You can change the filters of the saved search and save it again in order to change the saved search. 

Some use cases of saved search you can try. 

  1. See all the candidates added last week and send them a LinkedIn invite. An activity you can reserve to do every week.

  2. See all the candidates you emailed two days back so that you can make a cold call to them today.

  3. Search your database for a set of keywords and see how fast you are adding candidates to your candidate database.


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