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How to schedule an event with the candidate?
How to schedule an event with the candidate?

Scheduling interviews, calls, meetings with candidates.

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Recruiterflow, once synced with your calendar enables you to send event invites from the platform itself.

You can enable scheduling permissions from here if not enabled already.

All the events scheduled from Recruiterflow appears on your activity log and create tasks as per job role.

Invites are sent from your account.

To schedule an interview or event, head over to the 'Schedule' tab on the top right-side of the Candidate Profile.

You can add the interviewers, date and time.

Recruiterflow understands that you need to send different instructions to candidates.
You can write an event description, you can define templates (in Settings) with custom fields which will help you share Interview Schedule, Interviewer Name, Candidate Profile, etc. automatically.

After finishing up the section, just click on 'Save event' and invite is sent!

โ€‹Optional Step

If the candidate is in multiple jobs, click on choose Scorecard, select the job and then select the stage for which you want to schedule the interview.

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