In Recruiterflow, when a candidate is added to the system, we automatically detect duplicates by email address, phone number, and LinkedIn profile link to ensure that a single candidate never has more than one profile within Recruiterflow.

However, it’s still possible for users to inadvertently create duplicate profiles for a single candidate. If you determine some profiles are duplicates, you can merge the duplicate profile with the original one. To do so, simply follow these steps:


Go to the candidate profile, and click on the options icon and hit "Merge profiles". 

In the window, which appears after that, just find the candidate you need, and click  “Merge”.

And it's done. Now, you can screen profiles easier!

What will happen if you merge two profiles?

  • When two profiles are merged, the record which you want to merge with the current profile will get deleted.

  • If the candidate's details like email addresses, phone numbers, public profiles were missing, it will be updated in the profile where you have merged the record.     

  • If the candidate was added to jobs, scorecards associated with those jobs, events scheduled and email communications will be updated in the profile where you have merged the record.                                                                                                           

Please note: Be careful when merging! Once you merge the profiles, you cannot undo the action.

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