Recruiterflow integrates with Twilio to help you send and receive text messages to your candidates and contacts. In this article, we'll show you step by step guide to forwarding calls with Twilio, so that when someone dials that number can reach you on your real phone number.

Forward Incoming Calls with Twilio Studio:

  • Login to your account at

  • Click Studio from the left-side navigation bar.

  • Click the “+” button to create a new Studio Flow starting from scratch.

  • Enter the desired name, and then click 'Add Flow'.

  • From the Widget Library on the right, drag and drop a 'Connect Call To' widget into the flow.

  • Configure the widget to connect the call to a single number and type your cell phone number in the box.

  • Save the widget configuration, and then click 'Publish' at the top.

  • Click 'Phone Numbers' from the left-side navigation bar.

  • Click the phone number.

Add your Studio flow for incoming Voice calls that you have just created and you're done!

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