Often same applicants apply to your multiple jobs, or users might add the same candidates twice to the candidate list, which creates duplicate profiles and makes your database disorganized. You can't waste time identifying and removing duplicate profiles yourself.

Recruiterflow identifies every candidate added to the system and flags duplicate candidates. It detects if there is any duplicate candidate with the same email address/ phone number/ LinkedIn profile URL.

Whenever you get new applications for a job that has the same email address/ phone number/ LinkedIn profile URL that is a duplicate of one already existing in the database, Recruiterflow shows it under the same profile.

However, it's still possible for users to inadvertently create duplicate profiles for a single candidate. The system will identify any such possible duplicates and show a message on the profile so you can merge them in a couple of clicks. A possible duplicate is identified using the name, current company name, and current job title.

Check out this help article to see how to merge duplicate profiles.

Note: We do duplicate detection on Mobile and Home numbers but not on numbers marked Work and Other.

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