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What are deals and how to create them?
What are deals and how to create them?
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Deals represent the sales opportunities and have money value attached to it. Deals at various stages of the sales process together form a deal pipeline, also known as a sales pipeline.

Deals are tracked through the stages of your sales pipeline until it is either Won or Lost and can be associated with a Company and/or Contact.

Each stage has a name and an associated win probability. The default stages are:

Appointment scheduled: The buyer engages with your company when they are open for a new deal.

Qualified to buy: The buyer has expressed enough interest and is a qualified lead.

Client pitch: You pitch your offering to your clients after doing research

Decision maker bought-in: The buyer is interested to avail your services.

Contract sent: Sales contract is sent.

Closed won: Contract is signed and you have successfully engaged the client

Closed lost: The deal is at the end of the sales cycle and did not result in a purchase.

Note: You can always customize the default stages in Settings.

How to create Deals?

Deals can be added to the system by going to the Deals page.

To create a new deal, click on '+New Deal', a create deal form will open up, wherein you can start by providing the Deal name.

Choose the Deal stage, by default your deal will start from the appointment scheduled stage.

Add the Amount to estimate the deal value.

Add an estimated Close Date so that you can forecast a time frame of closing the deal.

Assign the Deal owner from your team who will be the point of contact for this deal.

Associate deal with a Company and/or Contact.

Hit Create at the bottom and your deal is ready on your pipeline.

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