In this article, we will be showing you how to post remote. jobs on different job boards that accept remote postings.

  1. You will have to go to the jobs tab and click on the "three dots" visible on the job card and click on "Edit"

2. You will be taken to the job setup section and under the "settings" tab you will have an option called "Job remote status", you can select "remote" and make sure you click on "Save".

3. For posting Remote Jobs you must configure the "City along with the country" and "State" as "Remote". You can do that here:

Guidelines for Posting Remote Jobs On Indeed:

If you want to post remote jobs on indeed make sure you set the "Job Remote Status" status as Remote like already mentioned in the article above and add any location with the "City" set to the HQ of the company.

Also, please indicate one of the three following options:


WFH Flexible (US ONLY)

Fully remote

Additionally, in order to identify roles in one of these three distinct ways, there are certain phrases employers can include in job descriptions:

To be considered a "temporarily remote due to COVID-19" job, please include one of the following:

"Work remotely temporarily due to COVID-19"

"Work from home during coronavirus"

"Can start remotely due to COVID-19"

To be considered as a job having "work from home flexibility", please include one of the following:

"Flexible work from home options available"

"Work from home days possible"

"Options for working from home"

To be considered a "fully remote" job, please include one of the following:

"This is a remote position"

"Employees will be working remotely"

"Remote work allowed"

In summary, there are three differentiated options that Indeed uses to accurately identify jobs: "fully remote" should be used when the employer intends all work for the job to be done remotely or from home, and "work from home flexibility" should be used when the employer gives employees the option to work from home occasionally as a benefit. For jobs that are temporarily remote during the pandemic, please use the "Temporarily remote due to COVID-19" option.

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