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How to bulk update information?
How to bulk update information?
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You can use the bulk upload feature bulk update fields using a spreadsheet.

1. Go to to bulk upload an excel sheet of candidates.

2. Upload an excel file, where one of the columns should have the identifier information (email of the candidate/contact) and the other data to be be uploaded in other columns.

3. Confirm if the data has been uploaded correctly. This screen shows you the headers and corresponding values from one of the records from the sheet. If this sheet looks correct, you proceed to mapping by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Map the headers of your sheet to the corresponding fields on Recruiterflow.

Map the email to email and the fields to be updated to respective System and/or Custom Fields.

5. Confirm the mapping and start the bulk upload

Recruiterflow (because of the email in the uploaded sheet) will identify the candidate/contact as duplicates and update the new information on the existing profile.

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