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How to create my default job/recruiting pipeline stages?
How to create my default job/recruiting pipeline stages?

How to set a default job pipeline & edit a pipeline for a particular job.

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To set your default job pipeline template, you will have to go to the settings option in your account.

And then go to the Job Settings tab where you will find the option to set a Default Job Template :

Once you click the edit option for the default Job Template you can go to the Interview Plan tab and you should be able to see the present one.

The Preset Job Pipeline would look something like this.

You can add a new stage, move present stages and also delete any stage in the default job pipeline.

Any job created after the default pipeline is modified will have the default pipeline. This won't apply to earlier created jobs.

Editing a Job Pipeline for a Specific Job

In case you would like to edit a job pipeline only for a specific job, you can do so by going to the edit section of the job from here:

Then click on the "Interview Plan" Tab, and scroll down you should be able to edit/add stages from there.

To re-order/move the stages just drag and drop them where you need them.

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