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De-Link Job Title for Job boards

How to change the job title on job boards from the one you have on Recruiterflow

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To unlink the job title from what you have set it as internally on Recruiterflow, go to job settings :

Next to the job title click on the lock icon and de-link the job name and title.

The difference between a Job name and a Job title is that the Job Name would be internal and used for a reference point for you and the other users/recruiters on the system to easily identify with the job name. The job title, however, is published on job boards and this could be separate from the one you would like to see in the system.

Once you de-link (unlock the icon), you will be able to edit the job name. The name that you enter in the job title will be visible publicly ( LinkedIn, Google & other Job boards) while the name in the text box next to the lock is what will be visible to you in Recruiterflow.

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