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Guide to custom fields
Guide to custom fields
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Custom fields will allow you to add additional data/information. They help you customise the structure of the information you store for your candidates, contacts, jobs and companies. You can see custom fields values in the candidate profiles, client profiles and job pages.

Go to settings, and then go to custom fields.

Here you can add different custom fields for candidates, contacts, jobs, company and deals.

Some examples of custom fields would be:

  1. Expected Compensation (from the candidate)

  2. Languages (that a candidate speaks)

  3. Desired City

  4. Hotlists

  5. Shift timings ( for a job custom field)

You can choose from the following types of fields.

  1. Short text

  2. Long text

  3. Number

  4. Money

  5. Date

  6. Yes/No

  7. Single select (Choose one option from multiple ones)

  8. Multi select (Choose multiple options from all the options)

  9. Money range

  10. Number range

All these fields that are created will also be searchable in the advanced search. This helps you search through your database and provide you with organized data which can be exported to an excel sheet.

Custom fields can also be used in campaigns and email templates to have more personalised communication with candidates or clients.

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