In this article, we will be showing you how does the custom webhook integration work?

Custom webhook is used to send data from Recruiterflow to an external endpoint via the "Send to.." option on all entity pages.

You can set up a Custom Webhook by going here: and then click on "Add Integration"

Once you click on "Add Integration" a pop-up appears, select the integration type as "Webhook Integration"

After that, you will have to select an "Entity" so that you will be able to send data from recruiterflow to an external end-point based on the entity chosen.

Once you select an entity, you will have to name your webhook. You can name it anything you wish to.

After that, you will have to enter the "Webhook URL" and then "select the method" as per your requirements and then click on "save".

After you have saved the integration, you can go to the specified entity, in this example, it is "candidate", you can open up the candidate profile and click on three-dots and then you will have to select the "send to.." option

Once you do that you will have to select the Custom Integration that has been configured.

Once you select the integration, this data is sent from recruiterflow to the external endpoint :)

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