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Integrating Recruiterflow to your Office365 account
Integrating Recruiterflow to your Office365 account
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In this article, we will tell you how Recruiterflow integrates with Outlook.

Recruiterflow syncs emails and calendar events related to candidates and contacts in the system.

For each email and calendar event, Recruiterflow will check whether a profile with one of the participants exists in the account. If it does, the email/event will be saved against that profile. Any updates to events will also be synced in the same fashion. We ignore all emails which don't have a related profile in Recruiterflow.

To enable the two-way sync between Office 365 and Recruiterflow, you just need to go to 'Permissions' under Settings and enable permissions.

However, if user consent is managed by your IT department, please ask them to enable the admin consent workflow as mentioned here

Want to know how you can manage user consent to apps in Microsoft 365? Please refer to this article

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