GDPR Guidelines
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If you fall under the GDPR, please make sure you take the following steps in your Recruiterflow dashboard.

Put disclaimers on your careers page:

If you are using a careers page hosted by Recruiterflow, you can put the footer text in the careers page section and ask for consent to record candidate data. Applicants will be prompted to agree to share and record their personal information before they submit an application.

Determine how candidate data will be handled in the future:

Legitimate interest: Legitimate interest period is the time you define to store your candidate data. With Recruiterflow, you can define your own legitimate interest expiration period. The countdown for the period starts when you disqualify a candidate. So remember to disqualify all the candidates you are no longer engaged with for the said job.

Once you select 'Enable GDPR compliance' you will see the option "Enable GDPR opt in" and the following options :

  1. Anonymise Candidate Profile (After x days): This will automatically anonymise candidate data after they are disqualified from the job and eliminate their personal contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses & social media profile links but still but counted in your data as a 'candidate' for reports.

  2. Get opt-in from candidate: You can choose to get an opt-in again from the candidate after x days of them being disqualified from a particular job.

  3. Auto delete candidate profile: This will delete their entire profile and data after 'x days' of being disqualified from a job. They will not be counted or be part of any report as well.

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