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How to export job summary report from Recruiterflow?
How to export job summary report from Recruiterflow?

Export job pipeline report that is ready to be submitted to the hiring manager.

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In this article, we will be showing you how you can download Job Summary Report from Recruiterflow.

First, you will have to go to the jobs page and choose for which job you want to download the report from. Click on the "three dots" you will see an option called "Download Report"

Once you click on that, the report is downloaded in an excel sheet. Below are the fields that appear on the screen for you to choose from -

You can choose the fields that you want to see in excel and download the report -

This is how the data is represented on that excel sheet

  1. The data inside the box are basically the Job details like the job name, company name, location, department, contact, recruiter and all the "Job custom Fields". On the right-hand side in the same box, you can see the data of important recruiting milestones for the job.

2. Below the Job data, the report also shows the number of candidates in the pipeline stages along with the name of those stages.

3. Just Below the pipeline report, users can see a detailed report of candidates in all of those stages along with details like:

  • Candidate Name

  • Job Tite

  • Company

  • Location

  • Source

  • Lead Owner

  • Linkedin

  • Days In stage

  • Added to job on

  • Custom fields

And that's how you can export job level reports from Recruiterflow :)

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