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How to use Interest Links?
How to use Interest Links?

What is Interest link and how to use them.

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This is a recent update on Recruiterflow and also something very unique and something that makes us really proud! We dug through our data and discovered the obvious - that recruiting at scale is a business of collisions. This essentially means that if you are able to present more opportunities to a candidate and give them a wider variety of roles to pick from, you increase your chances of placing that candidate.

With this feature, you can create a seamless experience for candidates to present all the jobs that they might be a good fit for on a personalised landing page and where the candidates can either indicate interest or pass on an opportunity.

How to use an Interest link

  • You need to go to the candidate's profile after which you need to add the candidates to all the jobs that you think they would be a good fit for.

  • After they are added to the jobs, the candidates must be in the sourced stage for all jobs that should show on the interest page.

  • Once you have added them to the job you can simply click on the three dots on their profile and then click on 'Get Interest link'

  • Once you do that a link will be copied to your clipboard which you can then share with your candidate and they can then use that link to share their interest.

NOTE- For the Interest link to work all the jobs that you have added the candidates to need to be marked as 'External' or 'Unlisted'.

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