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How to Create Custom Activities?
How to Create Custom Activities?
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Recruiterflow CRM offers a valuable feature called custom activities, which empowers users to create and track a wide range of activities tailored to their unique recruitment processes. These custom activities provide flexibility and allow recruiters to log and measure different types of engagements within the CRM platform.

Imagine you have a lunch or coffee meeting scheduled with a client to discuss upcoming job opportunities. Now, with custom activities in Recruiterflow, you can seamlessly incorporate these interactions into your recruitment workflow. By logging these activities on the respective contact or candidate's profile, you can keep a comprehensive record of your engagements.

To set up Custom Activities - simply navigate to the settings section and access the custom activities feature. From there, you can define and configure custom activities for candidates, jobs, contacts, companies, and deals. For example, if you frequently connect with candidates via LinkedIn, you can create a custom activity category specifically for LinkedIn outreach. By saving this custom activity, it becomes readily available for use in your workflow.

When you engage in a custom activity, such as a LinkedIn outreach, you can log it directly on the candidate's profile. This allows you to document the interaction and ensure accurate record-keeping. By accessing the activity section on the candidate's profile, you can conveniently review and track all the logged activities associated with that particular candidate.

Once you have added a custom activity to the candidate's profile you can also track them under the reporting section, you can use the recruiting activities report and in the "activity type" filter you will be able to see the custom activities.

For a more comprehensive understanding of these features and their implementation, we have prepared a detailed video guide. This video provides step-by-step instructions, ensuring that users can effortlessly navigate the Custom Activities. Please refer to the video below to explore the functionalities in-depth.

In conclusion, custom activities in Recruiterflow CRM provide you with the flexibility to create, track, and measure various activities based on your unique recruitment processes. By customizing and utilizing these activities effectively, you can streamline your workflow, maintain accurate records, and gain valuable insights into your recruitment efforts.

NOTE- This feature is only available for users who are on the "PRO" and "ADVANCED" plans.

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