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CRM settings in Recruiterflow
CRM settings in Recruiterflow
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You now have a section to customize the sales and business development side of your business in Recruiterflow.

To access CRM settings go to the main settings page from the top right corner. And then click CRM Settings .

Personalise client portal with the contact's company logo :

You can personalize the company logo when a contact logs in i.e. the contact will see the logo of their primary company when they log in. You have to mark the checkbox given to activate this.

The company logo is picked up from the image that is set on the company page.

Hide candidate information on the client portal

To hide Candidate fields in the Client Portal, click on the drop-down below Select candidate fields to hide in the client portal, and select the fields from the dropdown which you don't wish your client to see.

To hide Candidate fields in the Candidate Public Profile, click on the drop-down below Select Candidate fields to hide in the candidate public profile. Select the fields from the dropdown which you decide to not show in the "candidate's public profile link".

How to share a public profile link for a candidate's profile :

Anyone with the public profile link can access the page, for example the above candidate's public profile link is here.

Stage movement of candidates done by contacts from the client portal

When you share the client portal with your contact, he can see "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" by selecting the stages from the drop-down.

If in case you choose disqualified here, you can also select the disqualification reason here and the candidate will be disqualified automatically with this reason.

You can customize the contact or client status from here, by clicking on "Add New".

Now, if you go to the contact’s profile or a company's profile, you can click on “Assign a status” and select from the drop-down the status you want to assign to the profiles.

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