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How to Export the List of Blocked Companies?
How to Export the List of Blocked Companies?
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Blocked Companies are those companies that the user has blocked due to a reason.

In a large recruiting team, it’s not always possible for a recruiter to know who the clients are. This leads to a situation where your recruiter tries to recruit someone from your own client’s team – leading to an embarrassing situation at best and a lost client at worst. To prevent this, we came up with blocked companies. With this feature, now you can create a list of companies whose employees your team should stay from. In case a recruiter still sources someone from the list, there will be a visual icon to help recruiters know that the candidate they sourced is from a company in the list.

The list for these companies is found under 'Settings', On the bottom left you will find a tab for 'Blocked Companies'.

You can click on the below hyperlink which will redirect you to the tab:

Here you can not only view the list of companies that are blocked but you can also download these lists.

You can follow the below steps on how to do so :

  • Settings

  • Blocked Companies on the bottom left

  • Select the Companies you want to download

  • Select the 'Export to Excel' option on the top right end.

  • And you can now download the list of these blocked companies in an Excel sheet and save it to your desktop.

Once you add a company to the Blocked companies list it will show you a "Red hand" sign that will give the users a hint that the company is in the block list.

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