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How to manually redact information from a resume ?
How to manually redact information from a resume ?
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Recruiterflow provides the capability to manually redact candidate information from resumes. This feature enables recruiters to hide specific information they do not want their clients to see.

You can redact the candidate's information by taking following steps .

To access the resume, navigate to the Candidate's Profile and click on the "Files" section.

Choose the profile from which you would like to remove or conceal the information.

To create a formatted resume , access the options by selecting the three-dot icon next to the profile.

A formatted resume will be displayed in this section.

You can remove or conceal the information from the formatted resume displayed below by selecting the "Redact" option.

You can utilize the shape tool to create a block and redact the desired information.

Now, click on "Done" and then proceed by selecting "Continue"

After completing all the steps, the desired information on your resume that you wish to hide from the client will be successfully redacted.

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