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Who is Robin?

Wondering who Robin is and how your weekly automation report is calculated?

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Written by Priya Chaubey
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You must be receiving emails with the subject line "Your Weekly Automation Report" stating:

1) Robin automated X number of sourcing actions

2) You have saved X number of days using Recruiterflow

Ever wondered who Robin is and how the number of days you saved was calculated? Below is the answer to both of your questions:

Robin is our Chrome Extension!

Recruiterflow automates a large number of tasks for our users. We attribute all these tasks automated to Robin, which is a sidekick to our Batman (you in this case). Actions like adding people from extension, and automation via recipe save a lot of time for our users.

Our user research team did an extensive study across our user base to figure out how much time is saved by our users when we automate these tasks. Each task saves a different amount of time.

The number of days saved here is the sum of all the time saved by Recruiterflow for your team by automating actions, which otherwise your team would have done manually. It's one of the ways we show the ROI of our automation. Obviously, your team can use this time to close more candidates and clients.

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