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How to set up a default Scorecard
How to set up a default Scorecard
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Scorecards can now be added to the default pipeline, that is, every time you create a new job it would have the scorecards associated with the stages and the questions you add to the scorecard pre-defined.

You first need to add a scorecard in your Default Job Templates under Settings.

You can go to Job Settings and then edit the Default Job Templates.

You can then go to Interview Plan and choose the stage you want to add a scorecard to and click on the edit option Add the Interview and the Interviewers and click on Save.

Now you can click on 'Configure Scorecards'

Here you can add Skills and Questions to your Scorecards and click on 'Save Scorecard'.

Skills: These are the specific qualifications required from candidates for the job position. You can create different skill categories and list the skills required, making it easier to identify the right candidates for the job.

Questions: These include a set of inquiries that you'd like to ask or gather information about the candidate.

Here you can also add a Category to the Skills and Questions.

  • Type in the Category Name under 'Enter a Category Name'

  • After entering the skills or questions you want to know from the candidate, simply click on the "Save" button to store the information.

This will now be visible on the interview plan of the Job when you create a new job.

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