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Premium LinkedIn Post from Recruiterflow
Premium LinkedIn Post from Recruiterflow

How to link your job posts to be promoted on LinkedIn as a paid posting.

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In this article, I will guide you through the steps required to integrate your LinkedIn Recruiter account with Recruiterflow in order to be able to promote your jobs on LinkedIn as a paid posting.

The first step is to go to the integrations page on Recruiterflow. You can navigate to this page by clicking the settings icon on the top right and then click 'integrations' on the left menu as shown below :

On the integrations page you will see 'LinkedIn Paid Job Posting' :

In the section above, the user (email address) that has signed a contract with LinkedIn for paid job postings will need to sign into their LinkedIn Account.

Once signed in, you will see the contract(s) that you have with LinkedIn. Please select the relevant contract and continue. It will show as below :

Once the contract is successfully selected, your integration will be live. Then you can proceed to promote your job to LinkedIn as a paid posting.

To do this, you would need to go to the 'promote' section on a job.

Once you click on 'edit' on 'LinkedIn (Paid)', you will see a pop up as shown below :

Here you need to select the relevant contract ( incase of multiple contracts, else it will default to the one that you have on your account) and enter the rest of the information as you would do for a free LinkedIn Post and hit save.

The contract option cannot be changed once the job has been promoted to LinkedIn, please ensure you select the right contract while setting up.

After 'saving' the details of the post, you can see the status updates for the job you have posted next to the LinkedIn (Paid) icon. A successful post would look like this :

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