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DocuSign Integration with Recruiterflow
DocuSign Integration with Recruiterflow
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In this article I will guide you on how to natively integrate DocuSign and Recruiterflow.

The first step is to go to the integrations page on Recruiterflow. You can navigate to this page by clicking the settings icon on the top right and then click 'integrations' on the left menu as shown below :

Then you can scroll to the section of 'DocuSign' at the bottom of the page and click on the button as shown below to login to your DocuSign account :

You will be redirected to a new page to login to Docusign :

Once logged in, you would need to create a 'Template'. You can do so by clicking 'Template' as shown below :

After clicking 'Template' you will be directed to a page where you can create a 'Template'

In the first step, you need to 'Add Document' to the envelope, this is the contract/document you would be sharing with the candidate to sign.

After uploading the document, you need to create 'Roles' and 'Add Recipients'.
Typically there are two recipients :

  1. Signer (can be named under 'Role' as you prefer) - Here you need to select 'Needs to Sign' to indicate that this is the candidate/person who will be signing the document.

  2. CC (can be named under 'Role' as you prefer) - This is optional, if you would like to keep someone or even yourself in CC to receive update about the document. This person will only receive a copy.

Once this is set up, please click on 'next' on the bottom right corner. Once you do, you will see a preview of your contract as shown below :

On this page, you can choose to add the dynamic fields as a part of the contract. The fields that can be picked up from Recruiterflow as of now are :






You need to drag and drop the fields from the left hand side on to the document on the right side. Once added to the document it will look as follows :

Once done, please click on 'save' on the bottom right. After saving the envelope, we go to Recruiterflow to use the envelope we have set up.

In Recruiterflow, open a candidate's profile that you would like to send the envelope to.
Once the profile is open click on the three dots on right hand side as shown below :

And then click on 'Send DocuSign Template'.

Once you click the above, you will see a pop-up window where you will need to do the following :

1. Select Document Template - This is the envelope we created in the previous section.

2. Recipients - The first recipient will be picked automatically as the candidate who's profile you are on and the window will auto populate the email, you can select the 'role' of the candidate as 'signer'. This is indicating that the email address you are assigning the role of 'signer' is the person who will receive the document for signing.

Second recipient is optional, if this was set in the envelope, you can set the second recipient as CC, that is the person who needs to receive a copy of the signed form. You will have to enter the email of this person manually.

3. Email : You can type the email you would like to send the document along with as the final step and then hit 'Submit'.

You can also refer to this small screen recording for more information-

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