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How to Make Bulk Changes in Candidate and Contact Profiles?
How to Make Bulk Changes in Candidate and Contact Profiles?

A step-by-step guide to help you change, remove or add values in your candidates and contacts profiles.

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Making changes to a candidate or contact profile can seem to be a simple task. But if the number of profiles is in hundreds or thousands, can it still be easy?


We have untangled the process of changing multiple candidate and customer profiles. This is how you can do it👇

Bulk updating candidate and contact profiles

Step 1

Select the candidate or contact profiles you want to change. There are two ways you can do this:
1. Manually selecting the profiles you want to update.
2. Bulk selecting by checking the “Name” checkbox on top.

Note: You can also filter your view using the filters on the right side that include Jobs, Stages, Lead Owner, Company, Added by, and Source.

Step 2

A set of actions will appear on top of the candidate profiles. Click on the ellipses at the right-most side to view more actions and click on the “Update fields” as highlighted in the image.

Step 3

You will see a new window titled “Bulk update fields” as shown in the image.

Step 4

You can now click on the Field box to view all the field options for you to update. From the drop-down, select the field you want to update.

Step 5

Once you select the “Field,” click on the “Action” box. You will see two options: Change to and Remove values.

Change to will help you change a field value to a new value.

Remove values will delete all the values of the selected field.

Changing values of a particular field

If you want to change a value, select “Change to” in the Action field and select the new value from the options in the adjacent box. Once, you are done, click on the “Update fields” button.

Removing values from a particular field

If you want to remove values from a particular field, select “Remove values” in the Action field and then click on “Update fields.”

Adding new values to a field

You can also add a new value to some fields by selecting them in the Field box, choosing Add in the Action box and then typing the value you want to add.

Here are all the fields that support the add functionality:

Under Candidates

  • Skills

  • Tags

  • Note

  • Multi-select

  • Profile

Under Contacts

  • Tags

  • Note

  • Short text

  • Long Text

  • Rich Text

  • Multi-select

  • Profile

  • Parent-child


You can add up to 5 fields by clicking on the “+Add more” button beneath the Field box and changing the values simultaneously.

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