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How to Pitch Your Most Placable Candidates?
How to Pitch Your Most Placable Candidates?

Pitching or submitting your most placeable candidates or MPCs to your clients for a better client experience.

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Pitching a candidate to multiple clients helps you save those taxing operations of going and talking to each and every client. Instead, you could just communicate the availability of an exceptional candidate to multiple clients and get the best opportunity and deal for the candidate and you respectively.

Here’s how you can create a pitch for exceptional candidates on Recruiterflow 👇


You can watch the video below to get a better understanding of the process:

Step 1

Find where you want to pitch your candidate from.

You can pitch your candidates as a bulk action from

  1. Candidates Page

  2. Advanced Search Page

You can also pitch only one candidate from the candidate profile by clicking on the three dots next to the candidate name and selecting Pitch Candidate.

In this case, we will be pitching the candidate from the Candidates Page.

From the Candidates tab, select the candidates you think are super talented or have high demand in the industry. Once you select them, click on the ‘Pitch Candidates’ link as highlighted in the image.

Step 2

Choose what you want to share

In the subsequent window, you will see all the candidates selected by you with a set of fields that are going to be shared with the contact.

In case, you want to edit what fields the contact sees, click on the ‘Choose Data to Share’ button in the right top corner.

A new window opens up showing different fields. The fields under the ‘Displayed Columns’ are usually seen by the contact. If you wish to add or remove fields, you can do so by simply checking or unchecking fields from the left column.

Step 3

Name the Pitch List

Once you have the data ready, give a name to your unique sharing link in the top left corner of the window as shown below.

Also, you can select to either share the link with people in your contacts or to let anybody view this link. To understand more about how these two differ, you can head to Pitching Candidates to Contacts vs Non-Contacts.

Step 4

Share them

You can share your list with your contacts by either clicking on Create and Copy Link or by selecting Create and Share with Contacts.

You can see the difference between the options in this article.

Create and Copy Link: Creates and copies a generic link for all contacts. Contacts can view details but cannot give feedback or write notes

Create and Share with Contacts: Share the link from Recruiterflow ecosystem, so that we can generate a unique link for each of the contacts added where they can give feedback and coordinate with your team. We always prefer this method.

You will be taken to a new window to draft an email.

In the email window, you can select who to send the candidates link to and draft an email for the same. Once done, you can go ahead and click on the ‘Send’ button.

You can choose from templates and create your own email and add the Candidate Link using the Candidate List button in the toolbar.

Note: Every recipient of the email will receive the email separately without being able to see who the other recipients are

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