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What next steps can you take after finding the top candidates for a job?
What next steps can you take after finding the top candidates for a job?

Increase speed-to-hire by quickly taking next steps on AI matched candidates

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When you finally derive a top candidate list using AI Matching, you can possibly take three actions based on your requirements:

Action 1: Refinding top candidates

At any point, if you want to take a second stab at finding good candidates, you can click on the ‘Refind’ icon available beside the ‘View’ button.

The algorithm will then rematch the job with candidates in your database and try to give you an improved list.

Action 2: Add Candidate to Job

If you like a candidate’s profile derived from AI Matching, you can simply view the candidate’s profile and click on the green, ‘Add to job’ button found at the bottom.

Action 3: Improve the algorithm

At any point, you can provide feedback to the algorithm to improve your candidate list. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Not relevant’ button found beside Add to job.

When you click on this button, a popup opens up asking you to choose a reason for irrelevancy. You can choose any reason and provide more details so that the algorithm can offer better results to you.

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