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How to get your LinkedIn company ID?

Step by Step guide to get your LinkedIn company ID

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Recruiterflow is a limited listing partner of LinkedIn, which allows us to post your jobs to LinkedIn for free.
Your jobs will have organic visibility and will be displayed under your LinkedIn Company Page. 

Get your LinkedIn company ID

To get your LinkedIn Company ID, you need to open your LinkedIn company page and pull the digits after from your LinkedIn company profile URL.

The LinkedIn Company ID is a string of numbers, usually 5 to 9 digits long, that is unique to your company.

In case there are no digits and instead a string of text after

You can find this Company ID in the URL of the search results page when you click on See All Employees or See All Jobs on your LinkedIn Page. 

The Company ID will be quoted in double inverted commas in the URL.

The LinkedIn Company ID helps you associate your job post(s) with the correct LinkedIn Page.

Go to Settings and then to General Setting ( and enter your LinkedIn Company ID (digits only). 

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