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New Candidates Report
New Candidates Report
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To find the candidates based on the jobs they have been added to -

You can choose candidates and 'job' in the dropdown - once you click on done, you will be able to see candidates grouped by jobs.

This report will give you an overview of the number of candidates that were sourced or candidates that applied to a Job every day for the timeline you select.

You can also group/filter candidates based on :
​The source - where did these candidates apply from or were they sourced by a recruiter.
​Lead owner - The owner of a lead can be the sourcer or if the candidate applies directly to a job it will be the recruiter.
​Department - Break down of new candidates as per departments set by you ( Eg. Sales, Engineering, etc.)
​Added to Job by : If the candidates were sourced - which user added them to a particular job.

Client Company: The companies that you are hiring for - break down on candidates added across these companies.

You can also filter candidates based on jobs and add job names in the filters

You can choose different views of the chart from the page.
On the top right (next to the download button), you can click on the 'bar view' or the 'list view'

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