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Recruiting Activities
Recruiting Activities

This report helps you understand different activities done by each user on the account

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When you access the reports function on Recruiterflow, the first report that you will see is the recruiting activities report.

This report can give you an overview of whether your team has been active - this is a general overview. Or you could also check for specific metrics by each user to see how they have performed for a particular activity in a day/week/month.

Just by clicking on the report, you will see a company-wide overview.

To filter your results by user or type of activity you can select the following filters:

This report will give you a breakdown per user and per activity, they have done.

If you would want to see only one specific activity for each user you can add the filter from the right-hand side as shown below :

This report shows number of emails sent daily by each user :


You can also specify the date range and if you would like to see the data consolidated day-wise/ week-wise or month-wise.


You can switch the view from a line graph to a bar graph for all the reports mentioned in the above section.

This how you can switch over the view :


Here is how you can toggle over to the table view :

This report will give you detail on the activity number that we were looking at in the previous reports.

For example, if you select just a user then the report will give details about all the activities that the user did in the time period selected. The details will include :
Which day the activity took place.
What activity was
The candidate the activity was done for - and additional details about those candidates,

Downloading Reports :

You can download this report in 4 different formats, once you click the download button shown below, you will see these options :

Chart :

The chart report will download an excel sheet with the details of activities done in the time period by each recruiter - the same data as the table report.

Table :

The table report will download just the number of activities in an excel sheet as shown below :

Image :

This will only be the graph

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