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Integrating Dripify with Recruiterflow using Zapier
Integrating Dripify with Recruiterflow using Zapier

Step by Step guide to integrate Dripify with Recruiterflow

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Dripify is an advanced LinkedIn automation tool that can be integrated with Recruiterflow using Zapier to create records on Recruiterflow.

Below are the steps to set this integration up:

1) Go to Dripify and click on campaigns

2) Click on "Add leads" and create a list by pasting the URL of your LinkedIn search that you would like to add to the campaign.

3) After you have created a campaign, click on "Next", select "Custom Campaign" and click on "Select Template" and build a sequence.

4) Name your campaign and set up the webhooks integration. Most of the users send the data to Recruiterflow after a connection request has been accepted, in case your workflow is the same, you can select "After a connection request is accepted" in the drop-down:

5) Go to Zapier and log into your account (, or you can sign-up and create a new account if you are new to Zapier from here:

6) After you are logged in, click on "Create Zap" to start setting up the integration

7) Set up the trigger by selecting "Webhooks by Zapier", select the event as "Catch Hook" and click on continue

8) Copy the webhook URL from Zapier

9) Go to Dripify and paste it to set up the webhook integration and click on "Test" to check if Dripify is able to send the data to Zapier

10) Go back to Zapier and click on "Test Trigger". You will be able to see the test data that was sent from Dripify to Zapier.

11) Click on continue and in "Action", search and select the software that you want to send this data to, i.e, Recruiterflow.

12) In the event, select "Save data to Recruiterflow" and click on continue

13) Select your Recruiterflow account by clicking on the drop-down and click on continue.

14) Create a candidate or contact form ((depending on which record should be created on Recruiterflow)) in Recruiterflow by going to, select the form, and start mapping the fields such as name, email, phone number, etc., to save the data to Recruiterflow

Once the fields are mapped, click on continue and if you wish to test the integration, click on "Test Action" to see if the data is flowing correctly to your Recruiterflow account.

Lastly, click on "Publish Zap" to complete this integration.

Here is a video to help you set up the integration:

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