We believe you can perform best when you can maintain completely transparency with your clients. This helps you create an environment of trust and place candidates faster. 

To enable this, we give you a way to share all the candidates in a particular stage with the team on client side. You can individually share each stage with the client side team. The client side team will only see the information pertaining for that particular job. They will not be able to see emails, notes and scorecards submitted for other jobs or other clients. 

Step 1:  Add company and contacts at job setup

At the first stage when you are creating a job, it is mandatory to input company for which you are recruiting. Along with this, you can also mention contacts in Recruiterflow who will be the recruiting team on client side and will need access to the candidates you submitted. Mention all the contacts you need to give access to. Incase the contact doesn't exist, you will first have to add the contact to Recruiterflow. Here's how you can add contacts to Recruiterflow

Step 2: Select stages you want to share

With Recruiterflow, you can customise pipeline for each job. However, your account comes with a default pipeline and you can add/remove stages to that pipeline. Head on over here to learn about how to create interview plan, customise your stages and add scorecards to each interview.

Once you have created the stages, you can click on options icon on each stage and click share with contacts. All the candidates in this stage will be automatically shared with the contacts mentioned in the earlier step. 

You can also see all the stages shared with the contacts by the group symbol right next to the stage name. 

You can come to the same place and unshare stages with contacts clicking the same button. 

The contacts on the job will only see the files and scorecards of the job where they have been assigned. 

If you submit a candidate to the contact where the same candidate has been submitted to another client/contact in the past, the contact will not be able to see this detail. All your notes and emails as well as past jobs are automatically hidden from the contacts. 

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