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Creating the Interview Plan, Stages and adding Interviewers
Creating the Interview Plan, Stages and adding Interviewers
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Interview Plan

Interview Plan lets you define the recruitment process, create scorecards and assign people to a stage.

We have 5 system stages vis-a-vis Sourced, Applied, Disqualified, Offer and Hired. These stages cannot be deleted.

If you add someone in the system they are sources to the job.

If the candidate applies to a job, they are marked as Applied.

Disqualifying someone adds them to disqualify. This stage runs parallel to your recruitment process and can be assigned to any stage.

Move candidates to Offer if they offered and Hired if they join.

Adding a Stage

You can add stages between Applied and Offer by clicking on Add Stage. A Stage is a block in recruitment process where a candidate can be disqualified.

When Adding a stage you can either choose from a list of predefined stages or create a new stage name.

When you are creating a custom stage, you need to add the Stage Name and assign it to a Category. A category is used for our internal reporting and is not visible to the candidate.

Categories are system defined and you cannot add/delete/change them.


Adding Interview

Next step is to add interview (interviews are the superset of review, test etc) and assign the person responsible for the interview.

Name of the interview will be visible to the candidate in the calendar invite and in the scorecard for hiring team and interviewers. Interviewers are pulled from User list under Settings.

You can add multiple interviews in a stage. You can also add multiple interviewers in an interview.

Once you fill these details, just go ahead and save it.

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