To set up the maximum number of emails that can go out for a campaign in a day, you need to go to settings :

Once you click on settings, you would have to move to the General Settings Tab and then go to campaign settings.

There are two email campaign limits that you can set :

  1. Maximum Emails per Day across campaigns :
    This is the total limit of emails that will go out in one day across all campaigns.

  2. Maximum Emails per Day per Campaign :

    This is the total limit of emails that will go from one campaign. In this case, the system will start sending emails from Campaign 1 and then move on to subsequent campaigns to send the emails as per the limit set. The system will automatically reset to Campaign 1 to send out the emails the next day once the limit is exhausted.

  3. In case the number of recipients is more than the daily set limit, for example, if the limit is 200, 201st email will go the next day and the 401st email on the 3rd day.

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