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How to find top candidates for a job from your existing database in Recruiterflow?
How to find top candidates for a job from your existing database in Recruiterflow?

Source top candidates for any job from your existing database in one click.

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Most recruiters prefer to source candidates for a job from their existing database. However, identifying and selecting top candidates requires careful curation consuming several hours.

To help solve this problem, we have developed an AI Matching system that is trained on half a billion data points to offer the most suitable candidate for any role.

Here’s how you do that 👇

Step 1

Open a Job on Recruiterflow and navigate to the AI Matches card found below the top left section of the window as shown in the image.

Click on the Generate button and the system will analyze the job details and search for all the candidates that match the requirements.

This will take some time depending on the number of candidates you have in your database.

Step 2

Once the search is complete, you will get a notification in Recruiterflow as shown in the image.

The button on the job page will also change to ‘View’ as seen.

You can either click on the notification or the ‘View’ button to view the candidate list.

Note: The candidates are ranked by their relevance to the job with the most relevant candidate placed on top and the least relevant found at the bottom of the list.

Step 3

You can refine the candidate list further by using any of the advanced search filters like choosing an industry AND entering a very specific salary range to get the best results.

You can also use the predefined search filters to get a more apt list. You can refer to this article to learn more:

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